Toontown Rewritten 26th ARG Archive
Welcome to the completely unofficial archive of Toontown Rewritten's (abbreviated to TTR) ARGs! This archive hopes to be an accessible place to find all the past ARGs relating the storyline of Toontown Rewritten, especially early material for the 26th anomalies. Previously, I would have gone to the TTR Wiki for that, but the pages were removed, and the wiki's page for the 26th now just links to TTR blog posts. I want to save people the hassle of scrolling through endless pages of MMO Central Forums just so they can find decrypted versions of the early ARGs and get to the important stuff quicker!

While this started out as a place to simply access decrypted versions of early ARG blog posts, it's grown into a fully-fledged archive for all things relating to TTR's story. Despite the name, there's more than just time anomalies here!

Please keep in mind that my decoding credits may be a little off. I only started playing Toontown Rewritten a few days after Sellbot Field Offices launced (early December 2021), and it's likely that many people were working on decoding things in different online places. I've used MMO Central Forums as my main source for crediting early ARGs.

For best viewing, please go on desktop or put your phone into landscape mode (that's turning it sideways!)


Alpha Testing

null [CONFIDENTIAL] - Yes, that means you too.
[LAB1-T43] Emergency Monitor Broadcast
[LAB1-T43] Manual Transmission
Call Log [3-26 19:40] from LL-TERMINAL43
The Toon Council Presidential Elections/Doomsday

Beta Testing

Remember/ToonTasks Galore? Resets no more!
Our Pleasure to Return
Operation: Storm Sellbot HQ
We'll Be In Touch

Live Release

Incoming Transmission from LL_TERMINAL26
The Final Plan
Operation: Storm Sellbot HQ and Operation: Crash Cashbot HQ
Sellbot Field Offices
The Grifters' Groove/Samantha Spade and the Maddening Melody

If you're looking for some more content, the TTR Wiki has a gallery of images relating to the 26th ARGs, including in-game screenshots! You can find it here!